All of our spa treatments feature Phytomer, the only brand to offer treatments that provide all of the performance and preserved properties of the marine world, using derivatives that contain trace elements and minerals.  Our objective is to be able to respond to every issue and adapt our treatments to meet any request. Our facial and body treatments will include an initial consultation to determine your skin needs and expert advice and home care recommendations to address specific issues.

Our facial treatment rituals will start with massage of the back, hands, and arches of the feet.  A series of light strokes, pressure and stretching motions will cover each strategic point to eliminate every trace of fatigue and stress.  We will then follow with an application of a self-heating mud to the spine that will gently detoxify and re-mineralize your body while helping you to relax…  a waft of sea breeze, a pinch of sea lavender, and soft music from the depths of the ocean complete the immersion experience. Once you are completely cocooned in a world of relaxation, we will start your treatment…

This Holistic approach will:
• improve skin's receptiveness to the natural, marine-based active ingredients
• optimize the effectiveness of the treatment
• produce a feeling of complete serenity
  Depending on the characteristics of your skin, the treatment formula can be adjusted to achieve different benefits:

Seawater Pearl Ritual (all skin types)
A combination of exfoliation, detoxification, oxygenation, and deep cleansing of your skin followed by a Thai inspired

facial massage and a manual massage. Then, relax with an intense hydrating mask, while being

pampered by a massage of the hands and arms. The final stages will include an application of a moisturizing serum,

face and eye cream, and an Oligomer cocktail to refresh your senses.

Spa Prestige 75 minutes $120.00
Spa Express 60 minutes $ 95.00

Extended Youth (Mature skin)
This treatment draws on the anti-free radical properties of marine spring water to leave mature skin feeling comfortable and supple. A relaxing massage using a divine massage wax prepares your skin for the application of highly targeted concentrates (Wrinkles and/or Firming). Toning, lifting and renewing, the Youth Intervention treatment helps your epidermis to combat the effects of premature aging.

Spa Prestige 75 minutes $120.00
Spa Express 60 minutes $ 95.00

Marine Breeze (Oxygenating/purifying)
This treatment targets skin tone and brightness using advanced purifying and detoxification methods. Once the complexion is purified and a healthy balance is restored, the skin can breathe in the benefits of the clarifying marine ingredients.

Spa Prestige 75 minutes $120.00
Spa Express 60 minutes $ 95.00

Douceur Marine (Soothing/Sensitive skin)
This state of the art treatment will calm, soothe and protect fragile skin. A relaxing experience will help the skin repair itself, making redness and irritation disappear from within using gentle marine-based ingredients.

Spa Prestige 75 minutes $120.00
Spa Express 60 minutes $ 95.00


AHA Purifying Plus Deep Cleansing
Clarifying – All Impure Skin 60 min $95
All intensive deep cleansing/balancing solution for problematic skin conditions.

Collagen Mini Lifting
Anti-aging – Ideal for mature and dehydrated skin  60 min $135

This Facial combines the three simple process: cleansing, nourishing treatment and locking in moisture by applying three principal components of the skin:

Collagen, Elastin and Water. Simple process yet guaranteed to smooth fine line and wrinkles.


The latest in non-surgical resurfacing that is results driven. This treatment targets fine line and wrinkles, sun damage,

age spots and other skin blemishes. Series of six is recommended.

50 minutes $ 120

Series of six (pre-paid) $ 500





Men’s Quick Refresher Treatment   60 min/ $85

Refreshing Specifically designed to vitalize men’s stressed skin and respond to a man’s skin needs.

Skin will become clarified and cleansed with deep-pore action, leaving it with a fresh and vitalized look

with facial features relaxed yet firm.

Men’s Vitality Treatment   60 min/ $85 

Revitalizing This treatment gives new energy and refreshing relaxation. The skin will become clarified

and thoroughly cleansed. The result, well-balanced and fresh looking skin.

Men’s Deep Cleansing Treatment   60 min/ $85

Clarifying – All Impure Skin All intensive deep cleansing/balancing solution for problematic skin conditions.

Skin Escape for Men    45 min/ $80
This treatment begins with a relaxing back massage, followed by the application of self-heating marine mud along the spinal column.

Completely relaxed, the face is deeply cleansed and oxygenated before a mask is applied; while the mask is on, you are treated to a sumptuous scalp massage.

Your skin is clean and comfortable, and your complexion radiant.

Relaxation for Men – Back Treatment   45 min / $80
Phytomer has put all of its expertise to work in a treatment for the back that combines purifying and relaxing effects.

The treatment begins with a detailed cleansing of the back, accompanied by a relaxing massage. Next, a purifying mask is applied

over the back to deeply cleanse obstructed pores. Tension disappears, and the back is cleansed.



Sea Essential Eye Delight   45 min / $ 45.00
For the most sensitive area of the face, Phytomer uses the innovative technique of patches that delicately diffuse

marine-based active ingredients without harming the very fragile contour of the eyes. Refreshing and soothing,

they relax, decongest, and rejuvenate your eyes to restore their sparkle. Perfect as a complement to another treatment

Collagen Eye Contour Treatment  45 min / $50
Anti-Aging/Distressing A gentle, yet effective anti-aging eye contour
treatment. Specially formulated to de-stress, strengthen and firm the
delicate eye area. Instant radiance can be seen and felt.

Brightening Eye Zone Treatment Detoxifying/Anti-Fatigue  45 min / $50
The special eye zone treatment delivers instant, dramatic results; relieves sallow, tired looking, puffy eyes.
Eye zone is left silky smooth and brighter in appearance.




Spa Massages
Massage therapy relieves tired, sore muscles, alleviates pain and tension and improves circulation so you feel and function better.

All Spa therapeutic massage treatments are performed by Registered Massage Therapists, which may be eligible for coverage under your health care benefits.

Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage 
30 min  $55

45 min $75

60 min $90

90 min $125

A full body nurturing and relaxing massage that uses long strokes and kneading movements to increase circulation and

enhance relaxation, using beautifully scented natural essential oils. An excellent choice for reducing stress and enhancing

overall well-being

Deep Tissue

45 min $85

60 min $100

90 min $140
Ideal for athletes and others who place strenuous demands on their bodies. A deep tissue massage can be customized

to target problem areas, ease stress and muscle pain, and increase circulation.

Prenatal massage

45 min $85

60 min $100

Prenatal massage focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. 

 It alleviates stress on weight-bearing joints, improves muscular discomforts, helps increase circulation, and relieves mental and physical fatigue.
Common discomforts experienced during pregnancy : upper and lower back pain, neck pain, leg cramps, sciatica, stiffness, tension and knots, carpal tunnel syndrome, edema of the lower extremities, and etc.



Refines/Plumps Lip Contours  30 min / $35
An ideal treatment to combat the signs of aging around the delicate lip area.

Specialized ingredients impair an instant smoothing and plumping effect, leaving the lip area visibly softer

and more youthful in appearance.



Spa Manicure $30
Regular manicures are the best prevention from damaged, dry nails and cuticles. Cuticle treatment, shaping of nails, and your choice of colours are all part of this exceptional service.

Deluxe Manicure $42
Indulge and pamper yourself with a manicure that will leave your hands soft and smooth. Deluxe manicure services include nail shaping, cuticle repair, Salt Glow exfoliation, hydrating hand massage, a soothing warm paraffin mask and polish application. Your hands will look and feel smooth, revitalized, and youthful.

French Manicure $35
One of the most beautiful manicures, this classic clear look with bright white tips is a fashion statement in itself.

Our French Manicure includes shaping of the nails, massage and cuticle treatment.

Shellac Manicure $42     Shellac French  $50

Shellac by CND
Semi permanent colour with quick dry time, high gloss finish and lasts up to 2 weeks 14-day wear,

Mirror finish, Zero dry time, No nail damage. Ideal for anyone looking for a long lasting polish that guaranteed not to chip.

Youth Manicure $20
Our Youth Manicure follows all the steps of our Spa Manicure, but adds some fun and funky colours to please our younger clients! 

For ages 15 and under.

Spa Pedicure $45
The essentials for perfect looking feet. Our Spa Pedicure includes a warm soak, trimming and filing of nails, cuticle nourishment, and callus abrasion, foot exfoliating treatment, foot massage, moisturizing, and a polish application.

French Pedicure $50
One of the most beautiful pedicures, this classic clear look with bright white tips is a fashion statement in itself. Our French Pedicure includes a warm soak, trimming and filing of nails, cuticle nourishment, callus abrasion, foot exfoliating treatment, foot massage, and moisturizing.

Deluxe Pedicure $65
Tired, overworked, or sore feet will appreciate this restorative foot treatment. Delight in an aromatic foot soak, followed by a nail shaping, cuticle repair, callous removal, sea salt exfoliation,

therapeutic massage, a soothing warm paraffin mask and polish application.

Youth Pedicure $30
Our Youth Pedicure follows all the steps of our Spa Pedicure, but adds some funky nail colours to please

our younger clients! For ages 15 and under.



Polish Change  $15

Shellac removal  $15
Takes roughly 15-20 minutes to properly remove the Shellac without damaging the natural nail also

treated with a moisturizing cuticle oil and hand moisturizer

Paraffin Treatment $10
Paraffin can be added to any manicure or pedicure. The essential oil blended is perfect for dry, cracking rough skin.

Paraffin helps enhance blood circulation while infusing moisture deep into the skin.



Soft wax is used to remove hair from different areas of the face and body.

All of our waxing treatments finish with a cooling aloe vera application.

We cater for both men and women waxing treatments.

Eye Brows   10 mins - $15
Upper Lip or Chin   10 mins - $12

Half Arm   20 mins - $30
Full Arm   35 mins - $45
Underarm   10 mins - $30

Brazilian    25 mins - $55
Bikini    10 mins - $35

Lower Leg    25 mins - $40

Full Leg        25 mins - $60

Chest 10 mins - $35
Chest and Shoulders 25 mins - $55

Full Back 25 mins - $60
Upper or Lower Back 25 mins - $40

This precise hair removal method is gentle and specially recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Eye Brows   10 mins - $15
Upper Lip    10 mins - $12
Full Face    25 mins - $50
Chin    10 mins - $12
Brow/Lip/Chin    25 mins - $50

Eyelash or Brow Tinting
For those who would like added color to lashes and brows.

A non-toxic vegetable dye is used leaving lashes looking fuller and thicker without the daily use of brow pencils or mascara..

Brow Tinting 10 mins - $20
Lash Tinting 25 mins - $20

Lash & Brow Tint 30 mins - $35

Eyelash Extension  

A full set of mink eyelash extensions ($200)

refill (20 lashes per eyel) $85

Professional Eyelash technician affix individual mink eyelash to natural lashes for fuller, longer eye fringe


 (motives cosmetics)

Let our professional make-up artists create a new look for you!  A special occasion,

wedding or a night out on the town are all excellent reasons to look your best.

Bridal Make-Up   $75

Make-Up Application  $50
Prom or Grad Application  $30


Award-winning cosmetics and makeup

Introducing - Motives custom mineral makeup from Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger. We will hand make the perfect mineral foundation, powder or blush for you in the spa at your next appointment! Just ask how!

Motives Cosmetics was introduced in 1997 and has grown into a hugely popular, customizable cosmetics line.

By using innovative color combinations and Internet-based shopping, Motives Cosmetics has developed a loyal following that includes world-famous celebrities (Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez,  and everyday women that simply want to look their best at an affordable price.

With the hottest color combinations and the ability to customize your look, Motives delivers revolutionary, cutting-edge cosmetics,

state of the art simplicity and a high-resolution finish.  No matter what the look, Motives allows you the power to be whomever

you want and is the perfect way to express yourself.

The majority of the Motives cosmetics line is talc free and paraben free, fragrance free, and is infused with natural mineral pigments.

Feel the exclusive treatment of a VIP, with customized mineral powders, foundations and blushes!  At Unionville Spa, a trained make-up artiest and Motives Certified makeup consultant will custom blend a PERFECTLY matched powder, foundation or blush to suite all your unique skin care needs.  NO LONGER will you have to guess at the perfect colour to create a flawless canvas.  Best part?  Once you complete your initial appointment with us, your formulations will be on file with us.  Just give us a call when you run low and we will make your perfect match and have it read at the front counter for you, just like that!  VIP treatment!


   Motives Custom Blended Mineral Makeup  

§ Custom Mineral Powder                     $40.00 (initial order)  $35.00 refill (new container) 

§ Custom Mineral Liquid Foundation   $50.00 (initial order)  $45.00 refill (new container)

§ Custom Mineral Blush                        $30.00 (initial order)  $25.00 refill (new container)

Custom blend liquid foundation or powder to match your exact skin colour with options to include:
   -Hydrating serum
   -Shine control
   -Wrinkle/line reduction serum
   -Pore minimizing serum
   -Brown spot whitener (powder only)
   -Choice of full coverage or sheer coverage
   -Choice of matte or dewy look

The products are filled with vitamins and minerals and is healthy for your skin.

It is also fragrance free, paraben free, oil free, talc free, bismuth oxychloride free, dye free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.

The Motives® Mineral Makeup collection provides you with everything you need to achieve a flawless mineral look.

Create your perfect canvas with Motives® Mineral Pressed Powder and show off your personal style with our mineral blush,

eye shadows and lipsticks. Infused with minerals and skin soothing natural extracts.

Motives mineral makeup diminishes the look of flaws and provides a youthful, healthy glow.